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Perth Dinner

16 December 2022

Thirty Perth and regional Old Reds and partners provided a warm welcome to the new Headmaster, David Roberts and his wife Sofie, at their first PAOCA dinner interstate.

The Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club is beautifully situated with superb views of the water and the Perth skyline, and is noted for its fine food and wine.

Desmond Wee (1992) recently attended his thirty year reunion in Adelaide, and in his Toast to the School referred to the many changes he had noticed on his visit.

The Headmaster enjoyed the opportunity to meet Old Reds and to hear of their lives in the West, and spoke of his role and the successes of the College in his response to Desmond’s Toast.

2016 Captain of the School, Zac Heim, was the youngest present and Bay Collison was the Oldest Old Old Boy having commenced in 1948.

We were thrilled to have as our guest, Kevin Tutt (Headmaster 2004-2014, Staff 1998-2014).