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New York Dinner

15 December 2022

Old Reds and their partners caught up for dinner on Wednesday 24 August at Claudette, a restaurant in New York City. An annual event which sadly hasn't been able to happen for some years, these dinners are a wonderful opportunity for those Reds living far away from Australia to reconnect and remember the feeling of home.

The group enjoyed a three-course meal and then cocktails at a bar down the road, and told stories both of their years in New York, and their memories of school.

All attendees agreed that it’s comforting to know that a community of people living on the other side of the world can still connect and maintain ties to the College, even in today's more difficult environment.

Those in attendance were Neil Graham (1975), Ed Brockhoff (2001), Josh Pugh (2004), Kieran Altmann (2011), Tom Haskard (2005), Ian Darnton-Hill (1964), Matthew Dietman (1998), Chris Olver (2001), Paul Wakefield (1975), and Thomas Diakomichalis (1995). It was great to also see ‘new’ Old Reds, Tim Hobbs, Andrew Thomson and Michael Hackman (all 2015).

Ed Brockhoff (2001) and Josh Pugh (2004)
New York Dinner Convenors